Análisis Financiero

Understand the financial situation in which the company finds itself to take correctives, make smart investments and take advantage of the benefits of institutions supporting entrepreneurs.


It is offered to entrepreneurs who are willing to listen to new options for managing their money, investments, knowing how money is used, for the benefit of their businesses, employees and family.

Plan de Negocio

Built within the right technical parameters, credible within the reality of the entrepreneur, the place and its market, clarifying its objectives to walk step by step to business success.

Plan de Marketing

It is the tool that gives us clarity to meet small goals in an organized way, studies, methods and objectives are planned to reach the great goals that we are going to.

Main Services

Análisis Financiero y Contable

It is the study that is made of accounting information, through the use of indicators and financial reasons. Accounting represents and reflects the economic and financial reality of the company, so it is necessary to interpret and analyze that information in order to be able to understand in depth the origin and behavior of the company

Asesoría de Gestión

's resources. We provide technological solutions that assist in the accounting, administrative and operational management of entrepreneurs involved in the trade of

Asesoría de Planes de Negocios

goods, products and services. We advise your company on the creation of a complete plan for your online business through the following components, such as: Developing a business plan, formulating and developing the marketing plan, Identifying opportunities and risks, Recommending tools to strengthen business management, analyzing competition, developing an actio

Asesoría a Grupos Familiares

n plan. With high standards of confidentiality, we advise family business owners by supporting them in the optimal management of their assets by offering tailor-made financial services. Each family group is different and needs different combination of financial solutions.
As external and independent advisors, we offer a new perspective, an objective view on important issues that arise when operating family businesses.

Web Análisis de Usabilidad

Through testing applied to a website, we can determine how users use the services the website offers. To provide you with a complete diagnosis of your website in order to improve the user experience and make it more user friendly.

Planes de Marketing Digital

We guide them with the implementation of traditional marketing techniques in digital environments. Digital Marketing is configured as marketing that makes use of electronic devices (computers) such as: personal computer, smartphone, cell phone, tablet, Smart TV and video game console to engage the parties Interested. The person w

Información Administrativa

ho is going to make a business decision has to familiarize theself with the basic decision-making circuit and its ingredients. Once these basic ingredients have been recognized, attention should be paid to the character of the decision-making person, both individually and as a group. Because most decisions have an effect on people, the Manager cannot ignore the influence of human relationships on a decision, especially when selecting a technique to make it. Th

Análisis de Tráfico y Conversión

e service includes accurate advice on how your users navigate your website, clicks, points of interest, abandonment pages, incoming and outgoing clicks, browsing time, bounce rate, keyword density, building links and the usability improvements it requires to increase conversion. And market-oriente

Orientación al mercado

d management are the responses to new changing situations in the framework of macromarketing that would be three:
The globalization of the world economy.
The revolution of new information, communication and e-commerce technologies.
New values that promote a social economy geared towards sustainable develop

ment. We advise the planning, development and implementation processes of your online business in a professional and independent way to help you achieve your organization's goals by solving managerial and business problems, discovery and evaluation of new opportunities, improving learning and implementing new strategies.

Why invest in Our Web Consulting and Advisory?

  • Achieve the purposes and objectives of your organization.
  • Solve managerial and business problems.
  • Discover and evaluate new business opportunities.
  • Improve the learning of your team.
  • Implement changes and new strategies to adapt to the market.

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