Elevation Creative, a company run by Rodrigo Aguilar with extensive experience in the audiovisual area and web developments and Veronica Desmoineaux Fotografa y Creativa. We invite you to learn more about elevation creative, our history, creative team and customers.

Our Story

Our Beginnings

With a past of television production and Web programming was created the company Raymi Production, which provided services of video production and programming of web pages. As its own project was created the newspaper “El Vocero Hispano” printed every 15 days and distributed in Palm Beach County. Project that opened the doors to meet more local Hispanic entrepreneurs and understand a little more the multiculturalofe of this county, which is repeated throughout the United States.

About Elevation Creative ? Our Creative Team

Rodrigo Aguilar

Director de Proyectos

Luis Chacon

Marketing & Production

Our Customers

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